Stem Cell Healing Institute

                                   Stimulate your body to heal itself naturally with the most advanced stem cell therapy available.


We collect each patient's fat tissue by using a mini liposuction technique which requires local anaesthesia.  Depending on the patient, the doctor will determine the most appropriate location to perform the minor incision(s) for the required adipose tissue collection.

Typically, the flanks or "love handle" area is used to collect the fat tissue.  The procedure generally takes between 40 minutes to an hour.  The process is minimally invasive and typically not painful.  Pain medication may be prescribed for those who need it, but most patients will not require any medication.  


Depending on the patient's needs and treatment required, the patient's bone marrow may be collected.  Bone marrow stem cells are withdrawn by using syringes that are inserted through the skin on the back and into the hip bone.  The procedure will be executed by an experienced hematologist with an anesthesiologist in a hospital operating room using light general anesthesia. Bone marrow collection typically takes about 1.5 hours and is minimally invasive and does not require stitches afterwards.  The actual harvesting of the bone marrow cells is typically an outpatient procedure.