Stem Cell Healing Institute

                                   Stimulate your body to heal itself naturally with the most advanced stem cell therapy available.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program (HBOT)

The air we breath contains a mere 21% oxygen. A hyperbaric chamber increases the atmospheric pressure to allow for the patient to use 100% oxygen. This results in a 10-15-fold increase of oxygen dissolved into the blood (in our case). This increased atmospheric pressure of oxygen inside the chamber results in all body fluids and tissues to absorb the increased oxygen in order to stimulate and restore function to damaged cells, even those effected by vascular damage and blockages in blood flow. The increased oxygen renews cells and creates new blood vessels to restore health and vitality to damaged tissues.

For patients undergoing stem cell treatment, we incorporate a pre- and post-treatment HBOT protocol to provide the utmost regeneration of your stem cells (before and after they are harvested and deployed), and the tissues being treated. Combined with the Total Detox, we leave no stones unturned for the ultimate health, vitality, and effectiveness of the stem cells to have the most optimum results in a healthy environment of your body.