Stem Cell Healing Institute

                                   Stimulate your body to heal itself naturally with the most advanced stem cell therapy available.

We continually recruit the expertise of international scholars in the field of stem cell therapies to cater to specific requirements of our patients. Our stem cell processing and administration techniques are very well-researched. This is very important to us and our patients because this guarantees the quality of the stem cells and treatments, reliability of the procedure, and thus consistency of the treatment without any guessing. All lipo-aspiration (harvesting of fat tissue) is performed by a licensed and trained Medical Doctor (MD), minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue and to the stem cells themselves.

Furthermore, we are the only clinic in Guatemala to offer not only stem cell isolation and re-introduction, but we go several steps further in providing a gold-standard procedure: we expand (multiply) and stimulate manipulation of the stem cells for a specific target tissue. All of our stem cell processing is done in-house by a Microbiologist in our state-of the-art and certified clean area and laboratory. SCHI has the only laboratory and physician in Guatemala that is certified by certified by the International Consortium of Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI). to isolate stem cells from adipose tissue. These stringent standards set forth in obtaining this certification, guarantees the strictest quality control while our expansion and manipulation technologies guarantees the finest treatment for you, our patient.