Stem Cell Healing Institute

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The Total Detox Program

Even if we don't know it, our bodies are filled with toxins. From the air we breath, to the chemicals in our fabrics, to the water we drink, to the foods we eat, as well as the foods eaten by the animals and pesticides and chemicals used in growing the plants we eat. These toxins accumulate in our body, wreaking havoc on our brains, inflammatory processes, immune system, and resulting in oxidative stress causing mutations in our DNA leading to chronic degenerative diseases and cancers. Oxidative stress contributed by the toxins leave us with the need for antioxidants that help undo the damage. 

Our Total Detox program is not a rigid diet or regimen that is unrealistic and keeps you feeling deprived and restricted. In fact, our Total Detox is an intravenous injection (or series of injections) that contains a unique cocktail of nutrients and antioxidants that go directly into the bloodstream, eliminating the need for unpalatable diets, drinks, and supplements. This cocktail combined with our custom-compounded suppositories, specially made in our laboratory, is what gives our detox program it's name. The antioxidants in the suppositories by-pass the digestive tract to go directly to the liver that results in a very effective and thorough elimination of toxins. The Total Detox program will literally leave you feeling energized, contribute to mental and emotional clarity, help balance all of the systems of the body, and provide a feeling of vitality and overall well-being.

We combine every stem cell treatment with our Total Detox as a pre-treatment protocol in order to fortify the stem cells and create an environment in the body to accept and to respond to the re-transplanted stem cells in the most efficient and effective manner.